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Species of the Netherlands


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Holland is famous for the superb stocks of Northern pike (Esox Lucius). Our fishing guides are there to make your dream come true by showing you the way to this iconic fish. Casting and trolling are the way to go. Although not all pike that are caught measure over a meter, our guests frequently pose with giants over 110 and even 120 cm (20 – 30 lb). And there is always a chance of catching an even bigger pike. To give you an impression: the Dutch record for pike was broken in 2019 when a leviathan of 138 cm was caught. Yes, we even dare to say that the new world record may lurk around the waters where we guide you….

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If there is one fish that appeals to the imagination, it is the zander (Sander lucioperca), close relative of the American walleye). This challenging predator with super sharp eyes and impressive fangs rules the dark, deep and murky waters. We choose the word ‘challenging’ for a good reason: there is no fish as picky and unpredictable as the zander. Our guides follow the ways and preferences of these fish from day to day. This way we know where they are and how to catch them at any given time. Zander can be caught with a wide range of techniques: from vertical jigging and drop shotting to casting, trolling and fishing with finesse techniques. Most zander we catch measure 50 to 70 cm, varying from where we fish, but ‘zeds’ over 80 and even 90 cm are no exception. The current record for zander in The Netherlands is set at the unreal length of 105 cm!

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If there is one fish that has benefited from the improved water quality, it’s the perch (Perca fluviatilis). This wonderful sight hunter is growing bigger and fatter every year. The reason: a new protein rich menu of crayfish and goby that have been inhabiting our waters for a few decades now. Thanks to new finesse techniques we are able to target monster perch more efficient than ever before. But also vertical jigging, trolling and casting hard- and softbaits can be super effective. The current record perch caught by an angler in The Netherlands measures a smashing 56 cm. Monster perch over 48 cm are caught almost on a weekly basis by our guides. We dare to say that currently there is no better country to catch super big perch than The Netherlands. Get ready to catch a real Dutch Perchzilla!



This silver torpedo has no teeth, but makes up for that by high speed attacks and an incredible maneuverability. The asp (Aspius aspius) is a typical surface hunter, best caught from June till the end of October. It makes a great bonus when fishing the rivers (Maas, Waal, Ijssel, Lek and Rhine), Biesbosch and Hollands Diep. Even in Amsterdam asp are caught every now and then. Casting with twitch baits, lipless crank baits and top water lures are super exciting ways to catch this beautiful fish. Asp of 60 cm+ are caught frequently and there is a good chance of hooking a trophy fish of over 70 cm.  The current Dutch record for asp is no less than 87 cm.

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Although we don’t offer specialized catfish trips yet, our river fishing guides are currently preparing plans to do so. The sheer size makes this monster a challenge that we can no longer ignore. Specimens over 2 meters are caught more frequently every year, and the record catfish in The Netherlands is a mind blowing 222 cm. Especially the Dutch river systems, including the man-made lakes along the rivers, are home to a fast increasing population of wells catfish. If the conditions are right, our fishing guides are ready to give it a go for sure. We are ready and we know what to do if we see a sign of a monster on our screens – are you?

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